About Zash

Hello, I'm Zash. Sorry about the splash page.

I do a bit of FOSS consulting and a bit of work on the the Prosody IM XMPP server on my free time. I also have some rats to keep me company.


  • Prosody XMPP chat server
  • Verse XMPP client library
  • Riddim XMPP bot framework, built on Verse
  • clix XMPP CLI client, using Verse
  • Luaunbound Lua binding to libunbound
  • Lua-CBOR Lua implementation of CBOR
  • danetool tool for validating and generating TLSA records
  • lua-acme Let's Encrypt client, everyone gotta write their own!
  • XMPP Features Attempt at keeping track of protocol support in XMPP software. Rendered pages for clients and servers.

I have sources hosted at for my projects and some other projects I participate in.